The Best way to Use Guest Posts for Promotion and Backlinks

Guest posts are a great Search Engine Optimization and promotion tool – if used right, obviously. Following the death of post directories and shifts in the search ranking algorithms that made many other ways of getting backlinks dated, client posting on reputable websites remains one of the most effective methods to get your website visible to the world (and search engines).

The Way You Can reap the benefits of Client Posts:
Essentially, the gains from guest places are two. First, you get free exposure in front of a fresh crowd (i.e. the crowd of the website you’re guest posting to) and second, you get a backlink or two to your website. Should you post on a website that is extremely popular, you will get large levels of direct traffic to your website and in the perfect case, when your merchandise is of interest to the visitors from the other website, you can make sales.

Guest Posting Differs from Article Marketing:
Among the reasons why some folks are cynical to the ability of guest places is they consider this is just the good old article marketing. Guest posting is different from article marketing while there are a few similarities between the two. When you’re client posting, you’re submitting to websites in a market, while when you submit to article directories that usually cover all issues, the links and traffic you get are more irrelevant.

With client posts, you cannot submit hundreds of posts just because there are not that many great websites where you could submit content, if you’re doing it right, so post spamming is more difficult to do with client posting. You decide on just useful, high quality blogs for entry and consequently are valuable following the Google panda upgrade.


The best way to Locate Appropriate Sites to Client Post on:
Among the crucial minutes for the successful utilization of client posts will be to find sites that are great to post on. Is searching with Google for client post your key word to discover sites in your specialty that accepts client posts.
The following thing to do would be to filter the nice ones just when you locate a few websites in your specialty that accepts guest posts. You do this with assistance from the assorted ranking service. Following the website passes this test – i.e. it’s great parameters according to the standards of ranking services, you still need to browse through the website to see if it’s a quality one or total or crap because it’s fairly possible that a website has great metrics but its content is not something you’d like to be affiliated with.

Compose Pitch, the Post, Get Published, Reply Opinions:
The next thing to do would be to compose the post to, once you have located some great sites you want to guest post. Typically sites that accept client posts have their guidelines, so be sure to check them before you submit the post. When the post is written by you, do not forget to contain the permitted quantity of backlinks in the byline, or even better – in the post itself. Do not submit it right away if their guidelines say thus, when the post is prepared. Many websites that say they accept guest posts do not reply at all, so when you submit the post with them, it’s almost blocked from submitting elsewhere (because if you do, you risk having it printed on two or more websites, and this will make bloggers angry because of the duplicate content penalty). This is in the event that you get a response that the blogger is interested in your post; submit the article itself and why it’s better if you pitch.
Because bloggers not always e-mail you when the post is live after entry, check the website daily till the post gets printed and you might miss it should you not check often. Whether there are readers’ opinions, reply them.


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